Progress to date: What’s happened so far

Happened to catch anything?

What progress have I made:

What process have I used?

Hi Brian Jowers here, I have to admit a bit of a mess up with the last blog post, just logged into the account and the last post had NOT BEEN PUBLISHED!!!!!!!  Oh My Gosh what had happened?

And what happened in the last week (or so)?

What happened with the last post?

Oh my, logged in on Monday as usual and the blog post was UNPUBLISHED, and it was a very hectic couple of weeks.

Start from the beginning, had planed for a week off (sort of, already agreed) we were going to go to my sister’s for a few days and see my mum as well as other family members. I had prepared and completed last weeks blog (or so I thought), that week was to be a brief update type of blog, or that was the plan. Be able to write it up quick and only miss a day, famous last words.

So there we were Monday morning getting our selves sorted when the phone rang. My sister’s opening words were ‘I suppose I had better tell you….mum was admitted to the hospital last night with an infection…‘ We got ourselves sorted pronto and were on our way.

Mum was on a course of intravenous antibiotics for pneumonia, but she was not responding too well. She often appeared confused and lacked energy. Later in the week we found out that she had cellulitis in the right thigh which accounted for the apparent slow response to the antibiotics. As this would require different course of antibiotics, she would not be released that week.

She was released middle of the following week, much better.

Lessons learnt

So what had happened to my blog post, I thought I had published, obviously as I found I had not. It was sitting there still in draft mode. Checked it over and published.

Lesson #1 do not assume – go out of your way and check that it has been published, go and enter your URL and check that it is there.

Lesson #2 ALWAYS save draft versions, computer shutdown when writing this blog and most of it had disappeared. Had to rewrite, don’t assume that it will autosave, technology is fallible.

It has happened

This is it

What process am I using?

I have been asked what process am I using? / How do I manage to keep going? I am sure it comes down to the following:

  • Know your ‘Why’ – write it down – keep it near your desk – this is your driving force, reminder of why your are doing this
  • Keep positive – do not let the nay sayer have their way (see above)
  • Have a strategy and plan of what you are doing, how you are doing it, keep refining it as you go on – keep what works and drop what does not – keep testing to refine your campaigns.


A BIG announcement is coming………see next week….


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How are you progressing? What problems/events have befallen you?

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