What a start to 2018: Not quite as expected – It is what it is

Passion counts

Well 2018 is here now! What may be in store?

Hi Brian Jowers here, a bit late but welcome to 2018. The New Year has not started as expected, but we need to make the best of it. Favourite saying heard so far this year ‘It is what it is’, from the kitchen fitter. How is your new year going???                        .

What has happened since last time?

It seems to have been quite a long time since we last spoke, and we are well into the start of a new year.

Study has gone

The old study was here

Managed to move out of my old study in time, but twisted the right knee in the process. There was a number of boxes that had to be moved the same morning the kitchen fitters were coming. Last minute activity, knee started playing up later in the day.

Work started on removing the old kitchen, surprising only took a day or so with wrecking bar and circular saw. The refit was expected to take 2.5 to 3 weeks in total.

My wife lost her closest sister Anna (in age) about a week into the works, we were not able to go to funeral in Ghana as it was arranged as suddenly as her passing.

The kitchen work actually took 3 weeks, it was very difficult for Julia to remain constrained, we were without a sink, cooker and washing machine for THREE weeks. The fridge freezer was plugged in in the hallway (next to the cooker in its delivery wrapper).

Favourite saying of the kitchen fitter ‘It is what it is’. Specially when explaining why your choice of floor tile, electrics etc is going to cost more to do, the prices quoted where for the cheapest option.

Moving on into the New Year, more than ‘It is what it is’

Leading on from last time, when I introduced the TM + EP = Faster Success formulae

TM = Time Management         EP = Effective Planning

Have you now formulated your strategy, that is know what you want to achieve, also done your planning?

Do not just let it go with a ‘It is what it is’, get in there and get the stuff done. You know what needs to be done and here are some tools that could help you.

There is a tool that I need to get more familiar with for planning and effectively delivering my activities, that is Trello.

Trello is a FREE tool, hence not an affiliate link, that uses boards, lists and cards to enable you to organise and prioritise your projects, for yourself or with a team. There is a paid version, but the free version covers most of what you would want to do.

A tool that I have been using for a while is Missinglettr (that is the way it is spelt), automatically checks your published blog post and prepares a series of social media promotions for that blog over the next year on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and/or Google+. The free account is limited to 1 site, 2 campaigns a month and 1 social profile, the Personal Plan doubles this at $15/month, the Business Plan has unlimited sites 10 campaigns a week and 10 social profiles.

BUT Appsumo is doing a special ‘Small Team Plan’ like the Business plan but with 25 social profiles and an additional team member for $49 one payment, LIFETIME, use this non affiliate link and go straight there, just let me know if you find it useful.

Until next time…


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How are you progressing?    What problems / events have come your way this year?

Let me know how you are getting on and the progress you are making, please leave a comment in the ‘Leave a Response’ box below.



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