Making a commitment: Decision time


The BIG decision

Hi Brian Jowers here again, nice to see you here again. This has been a very important week, life changing and commitment, more of this later.

And what happened in the last week?

Remember what happened the last week or so? Well mum is back out of the hospital and doing well, see last post.

This event made me think about what we want and do. As you are aware I have been working away from home for some time now and like you I am not getting any younger. The current contract is up for extension again (gets monotonous when extension is only for three months at a time). Work environment has changed in the last year or so and I have not had a decent break since early in the year. There are also lots of odd jobs at home that I need to catch up on.

BUT, most importantly I need to spend more time with my wife, Julia.

Your need for commitment

I became aware of a promotion my coach, Dean Holland, is making for the ‘Customer Acquisition Bootcamp’. This is to be a series of webinars over 4 weeks on how to get customers whilst giving stuff away.

This presentation will also include the 8 step blueprint to creating a visual sales letter that he uses to get 8 – 15% of visitors to convert to customers. The blueprint looks like:

Summer commitment

Remember summer

  1. Who – introduce yourself
  2. What – is the offer you are making
  3. Why – do they need it
  4. How – can they get it
  5. Catch – there is none
  6. Urgency – limited quantity, time
  7. Guarantee – details of guarantee
  8. Recap – recap of the above

I can see that this is going to be of immense value to me in being able to create video sales letters apart from setting up and running a hands free fulfilment for the free offer.

I am signed up and have committed the next 4 weeks to get this working, how about you

 Check this out here


Meanwhile I will see you next week



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