A change from the usual: The Quick Start Challenge

QSC Challenge - T100

The Quick Start Challenge -T100:

What is it?

Hi, we meet up again. This week or for possibly the next month, I shall be doing things slightly differently.

I have signed up for the challenge being run jointly by my coach Mr Dean Holland and a prior associate of Deans’, Mr Craig Crawford.

The purpose of the challenge:

Quick Start Challenge - T100

Quick Start Challenge logo

As I see it, there is a two fold purpose for this challenge:

  • To take someone from nothing, to making $100/day, within 30 days
  • To give confidence to the participants
  • To give intense coaching to participants
  • There is plenty of support, webinars, Facebook forum and Question and Answer sessions
  • And not the least, to support a children’s charity, for the terminally ill

All of which are noteworthy purposes.

Which leads to the question of why I decided to get involved with this challenge.


Why did I get involved in this challenge?

The challenge has been run for several years, but not during 2016. This 2017 iteration could be the last time it is held.

Since starting with coaching and mentoring from Dean Holland CEO at Internet Profits, and his team, at the end of last year I felt that I was loosing steam. I needed something to get me going again, so to speak.

With this business you need to keep appraising the way you are doing things, make sure that your methods are efficient. Wherever possible we also need to make sure we are making good use of our time and resources.

What is on for the first week?

The first webinar covered what the challenge is all about and more importantly the need for ALL participants to be totally committed to completing the tasks each week.

It can not be over stressed that a plan is required, that is of your daily tasks. Needs to be more detailed than a list, an hourly break down of what you are going to do day by day, for the week.

And we also found out that that there is to be a weekly challenge. Well let’s face it, the title is ‘The Quick Start Challenge’.

And the task for the first week, set up blog.

I will keep you posted next week, meanwhile check out this video.


Until next time




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