What a week this turned out to be: With training success


Somewhat chaotic start:

Turns to training success

Hi Brian here, best laid plans and all that, quite a week of chaos which turned out well in the end, training success.

And what happened in the week?

Remember last week I was painting the doors? Well, the weather was good again the weekend so I was able to get the

Front two tone

Two tone finish

second coat on both the back and front doors, felt a bit chilly in the evening when I was finishing off though.

Usual sort of weekend, try and do some studying etc.

Monday morning, about 3:00am, wake up and nose is a bit runny. Can’t get back to sleep so wait for the alarm at 3:45.

Get ready to go, think good idea to take a photo as I had missed doing that the weekend. Try and get a good picture, at 4:30 in the morning there are no street lights and the phone flash will not work.

At this point I should have stayed at home…

By the time I had driven the 160 odd miles to work the back of my nose and throat was not feeling too good. I had to take Wednesday off work, as I had been feeling so sleepy at work, not being able to sleep properly at night. This turned into an opportunity though.

Training and Education

Your training and education for starting and building your business is very important, there are several stages to progress through examples here  and one of the main distractions can be found here.

Education is vital and needs to be up to date, relevant and effective. You can use various resources, from the internet such as YouTube, marketing companies and many other establishments. BUT, the biggest problem I found when I started out was deciding on what was relevant.

A lot of the material on the internet does not necessarily have any authority, just because it is there does not mean it is correct, up to date or even reliable. And the same applies to a lot of the paid for material.

It took me some time to work this out, I have found it to be the same for the people I have met in this business, you need to follow what is happening and you can then start to see those who are worth listening to.

I found my coach and mentor, have followed the training and have now established my foundation in internet marketing.

Result training success

I have completed the certification and graduated as a Internet Profits Certified Partner, see below:


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