Unexpected plan change: Opportunity for the better!!

An opportunity

Plans have to be flexible:

Opportunity comes along

Hi, Brian Jowers here again, this last week or so has been quite dramatic and has given an opportunity, more about this later

And what happened in the last two weeks?

Last week I said I was making a commitment to take part in the ‘Customer Acquisition Bootcamp’, a series of webinars over approximately four weeks or so (I believe there is to be a bonus webinar at the end apparently).

I have had to put this on hold as an opportunity that cannot be missed has come along.

What is the Opportunity?

Working hard

A lot of work

Well, two weeks ago the contract renewal came up, and I decided to turn it down as I wanted to have a month or so off – no work – no travelling – chill at home – catch up on the list of jobs to do, etc.. Well ‘plans of mice and men’ as they say, everything changed.

Investigation of the summer house had shown that there was problems with the roofing felt, subsequently the carpeting and flooring boards had suffered. The wall boarding had warped, and leaking at the rear and one of the doors was rotten. A lot of work to fix and make weather proof.

Remove was the solution, although the decking and base was still in good condition advice was that a new concrete base was required as a new building would likely to last several decades.

New cabin base

New cabin base


After clearing out the summer house, finding somewhere to put all the things to be kept out of the elements, take it apart.

After a week the summer house was taken apart and the decking removed from the base area. A lot of the original wood and deck boards were salvaged. A deck area is to be built in front of the cabin, probably during the summer.

I did have a lot of help putting in the base, three guys actually. The area is on a slope, hence the need for a ton or so of cement, plus the hard core, sand and stones. A total of near 12 tons.

The log cabin is due in about two weeks time, need to tidy the garden and get rid of the debris.

Just to be clear – I am not saying you need a log cabin

My current office space is a bit cramped. I have worked from home before and I have found that having an office next to the kitchen is not the best location for concentration. Personally, I need some where that is cut off from household distractions. Furthermore, a separate location will feel more like going to work for myself (and others).

So, until next time…..



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  • John

    Reply Reply December 19, 2017

    Excited to see the new cabin/office come to life! Remember not to fill it with junk this time…

    • Brian Jowers

      Reply Reply December 27, 2017

      Depends on what is meant by junk….

      I am creating an office space to provide a large general office desk area with a planning / creation area, video / photo production area, admin desk and breakout area.

      There will be at least one whiteboard for ideas / creation / explanation creation and doodling.

      Several computers, camera and lighting gear.

      So, I expect it will fill up over time….
      Brian Jowers

  • John

    Reply Reply December 28, 2017

    Ok, ok…but I will measure success by my ability to sit (comfortably) in your office while you whiteboard. Deal?

    • Brian Jowers

      Reply Reply January 12, 2018

      Not at the moment as it has provided storage for new kitchen components……

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