What sort of marketeer are you: The 4 stages

Collection of boxes

There are 4 stages of marketeer

Which one (or more) are you?

Hi, Brian Jowers here glad you could stop by, this week I am looking at the classification of marketeer, this will help you to determine your type now and where you want to be.

What are the marketeer stages?

Well, in my view there are only four stagesof marketeer:

  • The Collector
  • The Critique
  • The Buyer
  • The Seller

Below I have given my definition and description for each of these, see if you can identify your stage.

The Collector

A full disk

Shelves are full…

As the name suggests this marketeer spends a lot of time collecting:

  • Articles
  • E-Books
  • Training courses
  • WP Plugins
  • Software apps and tools

They have a need to collect or hoard whatever is available,

  • because there may be a use for it,
  • it is educational for self training,
  • I will be able to sell it on,
  • ‘i’ll be able to use it for…..’.

In reality it is like shelf space at home, it gets full and dificult to find anything. Your hard disk is collecting virtual dust. Most of this material in reality will never be viewed, let alone used.

This will start with the ‘freebies’, but can, often will, be purchased items which is serious for the company (and personal) finances.

I think we all start off here, part of the ‘Magpie Effect‘.

The Critique

The critique as the name suggests critiques the products, is quite vocal about how good or bad the product is.

This marketeer will even spend time assessing how effect the squeeze page is, the sales funnel goes on abit it in great detail.

Probably this type is responsible for the refund rate?

The Buyer

This marketeer is very discerning, knows exactly what they are looking for in the way of products.

They also have a good idea of how useful the product under consideration will be, as they are now buying (and collecting) with a purpose. The products will be used:

  • They know how to and do repurpose PLR
  • Software apps are to be used to improve processes
  • Training courses are being used, by the marketeer or his staff

They may even have their preferred suppliers, only buying products from certain individuals or organisations.

The Seller

Sales means shipping goods

Sales, means shipping goods out

This is where we aspire to be, selling.

That is the whole purpose of a marketeer, is it not?

Once on the sales bandwagon then it is upwards and onwards – or something like that.

And where abouts are you?

So, whereabouts through these characters are you? You can be in more than one grouping. The important one is the last, The Seller.

Let me know how you are doing by filling in the comments box below.

Until next week..



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