Progress with the plan: All coming together

When you know what's most important

The plan is working, but slowly!

Hi Brian Jowers here again, I have been quite busy again, another two weeks have gone by, where has the time gone? A lot of stuff still to sort out, progress with the plan is moving ahead.

And what has been happening?

A quick update on what has happened over the last few weeks, from the decision time, through the opportunity to current:

  • A week clearing out the old summerhouse

    Base in, all tidy READY

    Base in, all tidy

  • A second week dismantling the old summerhouse and deck area
  • Preparation for the concrete base to be laid
  • Base laid in two days, slight drop down garden – approx. 18 inches
  • Multiple trips to the local recycling centre (new name for dump) to remove unwanted items
  • PLUS saw new grandson over from the states
  • PLUS spent time with my son (day out off roading experience)
  • PLUS family gathering before son, daughter-in-law and grandson return to the states

It is nearly FIVE weeks since I started my break, where has the time gone?

Now awaiting the log cabin

Progress with the plan, where we are

At this stage I considered it an opportune time to remind myself of what I wanted to accomplish with this business, and how I was going to bring it into effect. Below is an over view of what I have been doing.

The strategy, or what I am trying to accomplish

  • The Why – the reason to do this
  • Your earnings goal – be realistic as ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’, neither will a sustainable business, it does take time and effort
  • Acquire targeted leads – aim to attract people who are interested AND will buy (not necessarily today, but in the future)
  • Create my own email list – I want to build my own list of potential buyers (not create a list for somebody else)

Implementation: the plan

  • Available time what day & the time set aside
  • Traffic options (choose 1 or 2 max) require quantity & quality traffic
  • Generate content to be used and consider/plan for reuse or repurposing

List building progress

  • Set realistic goals, aim is for ‘organic’ natural growth
  • Measure – use autoresponder, Google Analytics, link monitor tools as available, check figures on a regular basis for realistic comparison
  • Determine what works, this can ONLY be determined by measurement

The main thing to remember is that progress with the plan will be slow. This is a good thing as Google will then see ‘organic growth’, not some unnatural, unsustainable activity. The search engines can penalise you for what is considered as unnatural activity.

I will sign off here for this week as I still have a number of things to arrange. The log cabin installation is expected on Monday. Meanwhile, a FREE training webinar has become available, check details and sign up here.

Keep up with what is happening, and my journey into digital marketing
How are you progressing? What problems/events have befallen you?

Let me know how you are getting on and the progress you are making, please leave a comment in the ‘Leave a Response’ box below:


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