Further progress to date: QSC Challenge week 2/3

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QSC Challenge week 2 progress

And the week THREE challenge

Hi there, nice of you to drop by, my name is Brian Jowers and i am documenting my journey into Digital Marketing. I have just completed week TWO of the QSC challenge nearly, after the very exhausting week end. Details can be found here for last week. The start of the QSC T100 is here.

What happened in the last week

As you may recall, Julia was having problems with back pain last week and I decided to work from home on the day job. The problem with being a contractor is that you are expected to put in the hours to get stuff done, understandably not all permanent staff get paid for the the actual hours they work.

The result was that I was putting in quite a few hours on the day job, running the odd errand and preparing the QSC week 2 challenge materials.

Everything appeared to be going well…

And this weeks QSC Challenge progress?

OK, so the task seemed quite straight forward:

  • QSC Challenge - T100

    Quick Start Challenge logo

    Decide on the free offer

  • Create an opt-in page
  • Linked delivery / paid for offer page
  • Connect to autoresponder
  • Check that it works

Hey presto all done in the webinar demo in about 10 minutes, if you had to work it out yourself, run through the training for your chosen tools then should be able to do it in a day? Seemed a reasonable assessment.

Therefore there should be no problem getting it done by midday on Tuesday, the completion time was actually later in the day, but allowing for a bit of contingency.

Going to be busy the weekend, need to paint the fron of the house during the day, be able to do the research in the evening…..

Monday evening and all is ready!?!?

Manage to finish from work a bit earlier than usual. Start up the computer, have something to eat and get ready to get going.

Open up the builder package and access the opt-in page templates.

That is strange, check the video training once more and yes clicking on the ‘<‘ opens up the option titles and the appropriate templates appear on the right. So why doesn’t it do it on my machine.

Where is the support access, OK found it. Post question and wait………

Eventually get someone, give question – they respond with a link.

Check the link, its about HTML and CSS explain not that trying to use the templates….another link to some other training. Repeat explaination, another link.

OK, start again ‘I am trying to create two pages using the templates…..’ “O thats nice….here is a link’ etc

Repeat the question how to access the templates……

‘You need to logout and back in again (Sounds like they are still reading a keyword script)

OK so I logout…log back in again and the support button no longer works.

I have now been up for some 20 hours, I have had enough.

QSC Challenge week 3

And the challenge for week 3, produce an email sequence of at least 7 emails….

No comment so far. Should be easier than last week?

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