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End of year 2017: New Year 2018

Hi, Brian Jowers here again, a very busy period before the holiday season, I hope you had a good holiday at the end of 2017, and looking forward to a good start to 2018…a strategy is required.

And what has been happening?

Snow covered base

Snow on the base

Last blog looked at how we had progressed to date  with the plan.

As this is the UK, we had a small snow fall over the weekend so the erection of the log cabin was delayed by a day.

Completed cabin

Cabin completed

But this did not deter the erection team, they came the next day and built it in a day.

Unfortunately, for me, I found out that the landline cannot be moved to the new log cabin. Some issue to do with the cable having to be installed underground – apparently older houses with overhead telephone line can be moved easily. I will have to make do with Wi-Fi access for now. Plan B involves moving the ADSL modem, making a suitable hole in the wall and running Ethernet cables to the log cabin

The electrical installation was held up by the

Final Inspection - strategy

Final Inspection

availability of the electricians, resolved about a week or so later.

Never the less, a temporary setup was made by myself. The full installation, armoured cable and a distribution board with a standard 30 amp ring main and separate lighting circuit was made in a day.

The bamboo flooring took me a lot longer than anticipated to lay, three days in fact, but successfully passed the final inspection

Now, I just have to move in before the New Year and get my office set up.

Strategy for the New Year

I am revisiting the strategy, with a view to expanding the number of platforms I am using and looking into the use of some of the automation tools available, more news on this in the new year.

What we know is that Change is automatic, like the weather (particularly here in the UK this is very true)

However, PROGRESS is not automatic, we need to take control, make actions to see real progress. There is a very important formula that you should be aware of

TM + EP = Faster Success


TM = Time Management

EP = Effective Planning

So, once we have a good foundation STRATEGY and partner Time Management with Effective Planning to implement the strategy we will then achieve Faster Success.

I will see you in the New Year.

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 How are you progressing? What problems / events have come your way?

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  • John

    Reply Reply December 28, 2017

    Looks good! Hope move-in is going well.

    • Brian Jowers

      Reply Reply January 12, 2018

      Move in went very well, except for the right knee which I seemed to strain moving boxes.
      Space is restricted until kitchen finished then I will sort it out.

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