In the final week: QSC Challenge Progress

Rocket III ready to go

QSC week 3 Challenge progress And the LAST? week challenge Hi there nice to see again, I am Brian Jowers. This is week 4 of the Quick Start Challenge T100,not quite so hectic this week? Last week can be found over here, and the start of the QSC Challenge here. What happened in the last…

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Further progress to date: QSC Challenge week 2/3

Left side view of Triumph Rocket III

QSC Challenge week 2 progress And the week THREE challenge Hi there, nice of you to drop by, my name is Brian Jowers and i am documenting my journey into Digital Marketing. I have just completed week TWO of the QSC challenge nearly, after the very exhausting week end. Details can be found here for…

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Progress to date: Quick Start Challenge

progress, keep the balance

Progress Update Quick Start Challenge Hi, nice to see you here again. I am Brian Jowers and this week has been rather hectic all round both personal and business. This week I am going to give a progress update, what I have been doing. What happened over the last week Last week we had the…

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A change from the usual: The Quick Start Challenge

QSC Challenge - T100

The Quick Start Challenge -T100: What is it? Hi, we meet up again. This week or for possibly the next month, I shall be doing things slightly differently. I have signed up for the challenge being run jointly by my coach Mr Dean Holland and a prior¬†associate of Deans’, Mr Craig Crawford. The purpose of…

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Mindset Matters: What characteristic is Important to Attract Clients?

Client attracted by your mindset

Mindset Matters: Getting Inside the Head of Top IM Coaches Hi, Brian Jowers here, nice of you to drop by. This week I am following on from our discusion on Motivation, to consider another important characteristic of the successful business entreprenuer. Let us look at the most important characteristic: When you think about the highest…

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