Making a commitment: Decision time


The BIG decision Hi Brian Jowers here again, nice to see you here again. This has been a very important week, life changing and commitment, more of this later. And what happened in the last week? Remember what happened the last week or so? Well mum is back out of the hospital and doing well,…

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Progress to date: What’s happened so far

Happened to catch anything?

What progress have I made: What process have I used? Hi Brian Jowers here, I have to admit a bit of a mess up with the last blog post, just logged into the account and the last post had NOT BEEN PUBLISHED!!!!!!!  Oh My Gosh what had happened? And what happened in the last week…

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What a week this turned out to be: With training success

Somewhat chaotic start: Turns to training success Hi Brian here, best laid plans and all that, quite a week of chaos which turned out well in the end, training success. And what happened in the week? Remember last week I was painting the doors? Well, the weather was good again the weekend so I was…

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Defining the List: What are our list building goals?

Don't aimlessly drift along

Define Your List Building Goals: What is behind list building Hi Brian Jowers here, carry on from our previous activity with theQSC Challenge I am looking at the wha we needto aim for, what are our list building goals. And what happened in the week? Last Saturday, in East Anglia, was a nice autumnal type…

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THIS is the last week: Success Quick Start Challenge

Money with success

Quick Start Challenge Success We have a bonus week!!! Hi, Brian Jowers here, we had a great bonus, another week, see here for last week, and here for the start of the Quick Start Challenge. It has been a very busy  4 (now 5) weeks, but it has been well worth the effort and a…

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