My Journey has started…………


My Journey into Digital Marketing: Getting Started

Hi there,

My name is Brian Jowers and it is nice of you to pass by, and show interest in my journey in to digital marketing.

The journey has indeed started, the website is live! Well you are reading the first post……

Prefered mode of transport

My prefered mode of transport is two wheels, my current vehicle is shown to to the right.

I currently work away from home. The current journey to work is 167 mile each way journey, that has to change, as soon as possible.

My Work Background and Expertise

I have had a long journey from starting work when I was 16 as an electrical engineering apprentice, then into analogue and digital electronics, into software engineering and digital marketing. It has been a long trip with a variety of experiences and many tales to tell, we may get into some of these later.

My Journey so Far

I came across the need to perform marketing, as opposed to selling, a while back when I was first diversifying my company activities. I had a PC selling/maintaining business which did not succeed because of a lack of customers/sales. A similar experience occurred with the I.T. services company.

I was prompted to find out about internet marketing, which I thought would be straight forward.

After a year or two of ‘research’ both in techniques and products (some may call this ‘shiny object syndrome’ – we are ALL guilty of this ‘every product you have bought you have fully utilised?’) I had not got any where.

I had a lot of products that promised the world but failed to deliver. There was always something missing.

Where I am now

I found the solution.

As you can see the website/blog is now live.

I am working at getting content for the site in an appropriate format for publication.

The opening FB Live video can be found on my fanpage or just do a search in FaceBook for @BriansDJ

Other social media channels are to be added very shortly.

Over the next weeks and months I shall report on how I am doing.

What tools and methods I am using.

What the pitfalls have been.

But most importantly I shall tell you what has been working for me and how to implement it for yourself.

What About You?

How has your journey been? Where are you now on your journey?

What was the most memorable part of your journey? I would love to hear how you are getting on. Please let me know in the comments section below.

Talk to you next week!



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