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We have a bonus week!!!

Hi, Brian Jowers here, we had a great bonus, another week, see here for last week, and here for the start of the Quick Start Challenge.

It has been a very busy  4 (now 5) weeks, but it has been well worth the effort and a success. I have been able to consolidate my knowledge into a practical application, and even a future product, maybe.

And what happened in the week?

Last weekend was a deserving quiet one, no rushing about. After a leisurely breakfast on Saturday went to our local outlet shopping centre. Niece birthday present, and some birthday cards for other relatives coming up.

A welcome change and opportunity to take it easy, stop for a coffee, do some window shopping etc.

Managed to do a bit of catching up with reading and studies over the weekend.

And the QSC weekly activities?

We should have our nurture system set up and running now from last week.

The only missing ingredient now, people to see our site.

This is what is known as traffic.

There are three categories of traffic distinguishable by their temperature:

  • Cold – do not know you
  • Warm – may know of you, or heard of you, may even like you
  • Hot – know you , like you, trust you and may have bought product(s) before

And, we have what is commonly refered to as FREE or PAID traffic BUT:

  • FREE traffic costs TIME
  • PAID traffic costs MONEY

Monday evening and off we go again

The order of activity is to be:

QSC Challenge - T100

Quick Start Challenge logo

  • Firstly a chance to catch up with some of the other outstanding activies.
  • Re-run the traffic training from the previous week
  • Consider what traffic methods I feel comfortable with
  • And select two methods

So, there we go power up the laptop and get settled in.

And then DISASTER strikes, power and lights have gone. The room is lit eerily by the laptop display.

Open the bedroom door and the rest of the house appears to be dark as well. At least there is no shouting or panic from the other residents. Need to get downstairs in pitch darkness, the laptop screen has gone off – a power saving feature, and my phone battery is flat.

Enter the kitchen, power and lights here, convenient as the fusebox is under the stairs.

After much tooing and froing, try this and that we find that a main trip switch is being tripped by the outside lights. Leave the outside lights off and all is well.

Another long day, I am finished. There are two consecutive webinars to go one to finish the traffic training and then another bonus…….

Missed the deadline through last weeks events and the extra traffic training, very valuable though – there is a lot to take in and implement. But, I now have a blog site set up as per the QSC training, a solid foundation for a business with a $100 per day turnover, that is an average YEARLY salary in any ones money.

All we need now is a first product, something to attract potential customers, something that is FREE is the best, but having a solid value. How about something irresistible, over an hour of video training on how to setup your first sale and a strategy for your business, click here for The Perfect Offer

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