Have you succumbed to the ‘Magpie Effect’: SOS

Magpie Effect - looking into a mirrored surface

Are you aware of the impact that the

‘Magpie Effect’

can have on your business?

Hi, nice of you to drop by, my name is Brian Jowers and I am continuing on my journey into digital marketing.

This week the topic is ‘Magpie Effect’, also often referred to by some as ‘Shiny Object Syndrome’. This can be very detrimantal to your business.

Let’s start with a definition of Magpie Effect

Magpie looking into a mirrored surface

The magpie is by nature, attracted to shiny objects

Magpie Effect: Urban Dictionary definition:

‘An overwhelming urge to purchase an item of no practical value and/or out of once price range purely based on its appearance.’

So, what are we talking about?

As human beings we are attracted to new things, it is natural, if it wasn’t we would NOT be able to market and sell stuff!

As marketers we have to make good use of our time.

What do I mean by the Magpie Effect?

My version is being tempted to buy new products and spend time ‘playing’ with them instead of producing content, researching new articles etc.

Apart from the expenditure, which is not good when there is little to know income when starting out, it can take up a lot of time.

Here are a few examples.

Those Shiny New Products

An email promoting the latest product or tool passes your way, the latest must have, multiply your income. You click the link and spend a lot of time reading through the sales page, re-read it again and watch the accompanying long attention sucking video.

This will suck money out of your wallet, suck time out of your schedule trying to get to grips with it. And unfortunately another bright shiny object coming along could leave this on the digital shelf, locked away lost in your hard drive. That also assumes that you did downloaded it.

An excuse for procrastination, another problem we face.

Those Shiny New Projects

Those new projects you want to start, that takes up your time, creativity and energy away from what you should doing, and is working.

As the manager of a new business new streams of income are required, you need to explore new ideas.

It is essential not to play with the sparkly things to the detriment of your efforts to get your businesss established on a good footing.

Be smart, set a limit on new idea exploration.

Those Shiny New Strategies

Have you seen the ‘must do or you will die a slow internet death‘ business marketing tactics.

There is also the ‘new must have instant riches’ type of BS.

We all want to be on the next wave of internet riches (if there is such a thing). But a lot of these schemes do not work long term, if at all.

Some new things will turn out to be exceptional and even work, we don’t want to miss them.

Incidentally this is NOT a ‘bright shiny object’, as discussed above:

My dear wife, Julia has a different way of describing this.

Left side view of Triumph Rocket III

Just cleaned, hence shiny

Well, I did buy it new about a dozen years ago.

For those interested it is a Triumph Rocket III.

A three cylinder, 2.3 litre motorcycle (Not a miss print 2300cc).

I call it my cruiser with attitude.



I will return to this topic again soon, meanwhile…..

How has the ‘Magpie Effect’/Shiny Object Syndrome affected YOU?

How/When did you become aware of it?

How did you over come, get your business advancing?

I would love to know how you manage this, please let me know in the comments box below.

Until next week..



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