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QSC week 3 Challenge progress

And the LAST? week challenge

Hi there nice to see again, I am Brian Jowers.

This is week 4 of the Quick Start Challenge T100,not quite so hectic this week? Last week can be found over here, and the start of the QSC Challenge here.

What happened in the last week

A very busy weekend. Julia had now recovered from the back pain and was feelin much better. The weather was not looking promising for any DIY so we went out for the day and did some shopping on the Saturday.

Sunday was a short church service and off to a sister church for a multiple baptism and then find our younger son. He was on a business trip from San Fransisco, arrived that morning, staying near Tower Bridge where the road has been closed for construction work. Managed to spend a short time with him (he had excused himself from a meeting his holding with a client) and our older son.

This sort of Sunday activities makes it hard to get up up at 4:00 on a Monday morning…..

What about this weeks QSC Challenge progress?

This weeks was about how to setup an automated system to nurture your new found sign ups to your list, to educate and maybe entertain

QSC Challenge - T100

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them. The community that you are building.

There is a lot of media options:

  • Text
  • Video

Being the prime examples.

Platforms are various:

  • Blogs
  • Email
  • YouTube/Vimeo
  • SlideShare
  • Podcasts

But I digress, we were specifically looking at the email sequence. This gives a means of keeping in regular contact with your audience and leads a ‘Know Like Trust’ status over time. Lets face it, the internet is full of cowboys these days, it will take time to build an authourity.

Monday evening and here we go

Despite my confidence last week, when faced with a blank page…….

At least the autoresponder understands what a sequence is, there is a button ‘Sequence’. At least it is straight forward to create the sequence templates.

Start by coming up with a list of titles, possible subjects:

  • Defiitely an introduction
  • Perhaps carry over into second email
  • And abit about my experience with Internet Marketing
  • How I got started with my business
  • My biggest problem to overcome
  • The importance of planning
  • Any questions, how to connect

Just be yourself, that was the advice. And of course practice.

QSC Challenge week 4

This week , so far we have got off lightly with the challenge, just to consider what the initial traffic method will be….

There are two webinars planned for this week, so far only had the one, who knows what lies ahead.

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How are you progressing?

Let me know how you are getting on, please enter your comments in the ‘Leave a Response‘ box below…


Until next time



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