Getting to grips with Live video: equipment update

Cameras for video

Getting to grips with Live video: What I have found works for me Hi, nice of you to drop by again and catch up on my marketing journey with live video. This week I am going to cover my latest experiences with live video. Where we were last time If you remember last time we…

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Have you succumbed to the ‘Magpie Effect’: SOS

Magpie Effect - looking into a mirrored surface

Are you aware of the impact that the ‘Magpie Effect’ can have on your business? Hi, nice of you to drop by, my name is Brian Jowers and I am continuing on my journey into digital marketing. This week the topic is ‘Magpie Effect’, also often referred to by some as ‘Shiny Object Syndrome’. This…

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Are YOU suffering from procrastination: How to tell

Do You know if you are suffering from procrastination? Hi, nice to see you again and thanks for dropping by, my name is Brian Jowers and welcome to my journey. Each week I will talk about a topic that has bothered / encouraged or is just interestering, this week we will look at procrastination. So,…

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Getting to grips with live video: the bits they have not told you about

How to get to grips with Live Video is very important Every body tells you that video is very important, that you need to get to grips with it, and most importantly to master it. Search the web and you will find lots and lots of instruction and technical training on equipment and techniques. Welcome…

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