Plan coming together: Strategy being implemented

don't waste time, get started

End of year 2017: New Year 2018 Hi, Brian Jowers here again, a very busy period before the holiday season, I hope you had a good holiday at the end of 2017, and looking forward to a good start to 2018…a strategy is required. And what has been happening? Last blog looked at how we…

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Progress with the plan: All coming together

When you know what's most important

The plan is working, but slowly! Hi Brian Jowers here again, I have been quite busy again, another two weeks have gone by, where has the time gone? A lot of stuff still to sort out, progress with the plan is moving ahead. And what has been happening? A quick update on what has happened…

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Unexpected plan change: Opportunity for the better!!

An opportunity

Plans have to be flexible: Opportunity comes along Hi, Brian Jowers here again, this last week or so has been quite dramatic and has given an opportunity, more about this later And what happened in the last two weeks? Last week I said I was making a commitment to take part in the ‘Customer Acquisition…

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Making a commitment: Decision time


The BIG decision Hi Brian Jowers here again, nice to see you here again. This has been a very important week, life changing and commitment, more of this later. And what happened in the last week? Remember what happened the last week or so? Well mum is back out of the hospital and doing well,…

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Progress to date: What’s happened so far

Happened to catch anything?

What progress have I made: What process have I used? Hi Brian Jowers here, I have to admit a bit of a mess up with the last blog post, just logged into the account and the last post had NOT BEEN PUBLISHED!!!!!!!  Oh My Gosh what had happened? And what happened in the last week…

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